Benchmark Customer Shares Testimony

Costco Warehouse Club
1200 South Fern Street
Arlington, VA 22202

Dear Manager,

I have visited your store twice in the past few months searching for an amazing dog food called Benchmark, sold in Costco stores in the Atlanta Georgia area. Please stock the Benchmark Dog Food in the Arlington store. The company’s website answers any questions you have about the product and company.

Benchmark is a relatively new pet food brand that my friends in Atlanta feed to their pet, exclusively. When I fed it to my dog, he devoured it, although he’s a picky eater! He did this every day for the few days of our visit. I purchased a 44lb bag of Benchmark for my friend’s dog and one for my dog from Costco in Duluth. Returning home, I began searching for Benchmark here in the Washington DC area without success. In fact, I joined Costco in Arlington thinking I could purchase the Benchmark food there and was disappointed to learn that you don’t carry it.

The Benchmark dog food lists natural and healthy ingredients on the bag and my dog loved it. And, they sell the food in a recyclable bag which is another reason to purchase it.

I would like to purchase Benchmark Dog Food at your store. This food will be a big hit with the many dog-lover-owners who are Costco members in the DMV area. I’d like to know when it’s available.

Thank you,

Carolyn Proctor
Costco Member


I just wanted to tell you how much I like the quality of Benchmark Dog Food. I have been feeding this food to my two dogs for several months. My basset was having a terrible problem with ear infections which caused them to have a terrible odor. Also, I was having to give him joint medication daily. After a couple of weeks on Beachmark, the ear problem stopped and I no longer have to give him the joint medication. Both dogs have beautiful coats and are healthy and have a lot of energy. I am so glad I have found a food that I have a lot of confidence in.
Dolores L. Chandler