Benchmark Pet Food Products is poised to become the new standard for top of the line pet food at a price, that is both veterinarian approved and scientifically formulated. We provide dogs of all ages the essential vitamins and minerals needed to complete their growth cycle. What separates Benchmark Pet Food Products from many nationally known pet food brands is the company’s refusal to use any ingredients such as meats, fruits, vegetables, etc., that are not all natural or that could cause harm your pet. Additionally, all Benchmark Premium Health pet food products are packaged in eco-friendly 100% recyclable bags in an effort to decrease the grave damage already done to the planet. Claiming not to be better than leading high-end pet food brands, but equally as healthy and tasty for a lot less is and always will be Benchmark Pet Food Products recipe for success. Benchmark Premium  Health Puppy and Adult Dog Food can be purchased now at selected Costco membership warehouse club stores and soon will be available at neighborhood supermarkets nationwide.

We at Benchmark Pet Food Products fully understand that switching from one brand of pet food to another can be a somewhat scary thought. That’s why as a company made up of die-hard dog lovers and owners we offer three important reasons to make a change–health, quality, and cost. So, calling all animal enthusiasts who regard their dog or dogs as extended members of their family, no different than you want the best for your spouse, children, or loved ones, the same should apply to your pets. Make the switch to Benchmark Premium Health pet food products, the new standard for pet food excellence.

**Our test of the product in the market was a “BIG SUCCESS” BENCHMARK RETURNS TO MARKET 2018